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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-81  -  FAIL: TestExecutorServiceConfiguration.testSubmitWithClientExecutionPolicy
Posted Oct 16, 2012 - updated Oct 17, 2012
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Issue description
On slow single core Win XP machine test TestExecutorServiceConfiguration.testSubmitWithClientExecutionPolicy failed on timeout. The test submits 10 tasks to JPPFExecutorService for local execution on client. Tasks count in JPPFJob: 1-2-2-2-2-1. Last JPPFJob with one task is not submitted to JPPFClient. BatchHandler thread is waiting on submittingJob.await() in BatchHandler.updateNextJob(false).
Steps to reproduce this issue
run TestExecutorServiceConfiguration.testSubmitWithClientExecutionPolicy

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Oct 16, 16:15
A file was uploaded. Console output with debug informationicon_open_new.png
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Oct 16, 16:16
A file was uploaded. ThreadDumpicon_open_new.png
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Oct 17, 06:18
I oculd not reproduce on my side but I think I found where the rpoblem is.

I committed a fix in revision 2478.
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Oct 17, 07:01
Actually, I found a way for my VirtualBox VM to use only half a physical processor, and I could reproduce with that configuration. I also confirm that the fix is working.

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