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5/31/2020 JPPF 6.3-alpha release notes


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JPPF 6.3-alpha New features highlights

Tasks can access the results of their dependencencies

The previous JPPF 6.2 version introduced the ability to form dependency graphs with the tasks of a job. As a logical complement to this feature, the same tasks can now access the results of their direct dependencies while executing.

Ability to reconnect a node without stopping it

Nodes can now be force to reconnect without stopping and restarting them. This management operation is available in the management API as well as the desktop and web administration consoles.

New sample: grid failover

This new sample uses the ability to force a node to reconnect, along with several other features, to handle a JPPF grid with no single point of failure.

Miscellaneous features and enhancements

  • printing of client connection events to stdout can now be disabled. See the jppf.client.sysout.enabled configuration property
  • A new NotEqual execution policy was added for greater convenience

All implemented issues




Bug fixes

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