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12/10/2018 JPPF 6.1-alpha release notes


Download - Documentation - Javadoc

New features highlights

Java 8 upgrade

  • as of this version, JPPF is now built and runs with Java 8 or later
  • the source code no longer compiles or runs with Java 7
  • the JPPFJob API was updated to facilitate the submission of tasks as lambdas

Client connection concurrency

  • connections from a client to a driver can now handle an unlimited number of concurrent jobs
  • in other words, multiple connections are no longer required to achieve job concurrency
  • the concurrency level for all connections in a pool can be updated statically or dynamically
  • the jobs concurrentcy documentation and sample were updated accordingly

Embedded drivers and nodes

  • it is now possible to start a driver and or a node programmatically
  • a driver and node embedded in the same JVM share common resources such as thread pools, JMX remote connector server, NIO acceptor (connections) server, etc.
  • a new dedicated sample was implemented

All implemented issues



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