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3/2/2015 JPPF 5.0 release notes

.Net integration

The main focus of this release, the .Net bridge for JPPF brings JPPF grids to the .Net world.

Administration console extensions

New APIs

  • A new grid topology monitoring API was added, enabling developers to programmatically browse the JPPF topology and receive notifications of any change. This is also the API the administration console is based on
  • New and convenient methods were added to easily explore the client connections pools and obtain connection objects
  • Execution policies now have access to contextual information during their evaluation
  • Connection pools defined in the configuration can now indivdually specify whether secure connections should be used
  • A new helper class is provided to facilitate the implemetntation of job streaming patterns

Server extensions and improvements

  • It is now possible to receive the status of tasks returning from the nodes with fine details
  • The thread pool management was refactored, resulting in many less threads created and increased scalability

Management and monitoring

  • server monitoring: all MBean methods getting information on the nodes now accept a NodeSelector parameter to provide fine-grained filtering
  • server management: server broadcasting can now be remotely enabled or disabled on-demand
  • nodes reprovisioning requests, as well as shutdown and restart requests, can now be deferred until the nodes are idle


Refactoring of distribution packaging

The JPPF jar files were refactored to adopt a more meaningful naming and a consistent distribution of the code.

All new features and enhancements

New Features


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