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12/27/2010 JPPF 2.4 release notes

What's new in JPPF 2.4

Executor service batch modes

The executor service facade to JPPF now enables the grouping of tasks submitted individually, according to space (number of tasks) or time (via timeout settings). Tasks submitted individually are grouped into JPPF jobs and thus benefit from full parallelism and a significant throughput increase.


A new JPPF overview chapter was added.
The online documentation was reorganized for an easier navigation experience.

New "node life cycle" extension point

It is now possible to subscribe to node life cycle events, and perform actions accordingly.

New "Node Life Cycle" sample

The "Node Life Cycle" sample was added to the JPPF samples pack, illustrating how transaction management can be controlled via node life cycle events.

Performance, memory footprint enhancements

Disk overflow capabilities were added to the nodes and clients.
Reworked I/O processing results in faster network I/O and smaller memory footprint.

New Features

  • 3134243 - Ability to receive notifications of node life cycle events
  • 3112354 - Ability to to specify the look and feel in the admin GUI
  • 3105038 - Document the job distribution model
  • 3102697 - Document JPPF class loading in details
  • 3094064 - Enable local execution in the J2EE connector
  • 3091088 - Enable synchronuous job execution with J2EE connector
  • 3091083 - Add ResultListener to non-blocking job when missing
  • 3091078 - Ability to disable remote execution
  • 3091077 - Implement disk overflow on clients and nodes
  • 3064104 - Batching individual tasks with the JPPFExecutorService

Bug Fixes

  • 3140964 - Fractals sample fails to start
  • 3132907 - CNFE when custom class loader is used
  • 3125121 - NPE in DriverJobManagement when in DEBUG mode
  • 3120933 - Server misses class loading requests
  • 3119256 - NPE in AbstractJPPFClassLoader.findResources()
  • 3112365 - Tabs appear twice in the admin GUI
  • 3110449 - OOM in the node upon large console output
  • 3103455 - [CRITICAL] CME upon returning results
  • 3101406 - Inconsistent behaviour for task timeout
  • 3100204 - Node connection status is incorrect.
  • 3100186 - Java service wrapper config file points to wrong libraries
  • 3098381 - Encryption example bug
  • 3096095 - Multiple driver connections being made to the same machine
  • 3095404 - Client does not receive results upon node error

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