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10/18/2010 JPPF 2.3 release notes

What's new in JPPF 2.3

Idle host scavenging

JPPF now takes advantage of computers on which no user activity is occurring. It is very easy to configure a JPPF node to start when no keyboard or mouse activity has occurred for a specified time, and stop upon any new activity from the user.

Job scheduling enhancements

The scheduling mechanism has been improved to provide more fairness among concurrent jobs with the same priority.

Remote loggers

Logging traces are now available as JMX notifications via the JPPF management APIs. Developers can now receive, display and store traces from nodes and servers in a single location.

Detection and recovery from hardware failures of servers and nodes

A long-awaited new mechanism enables the detection of hardware failures of a node or server, allowing recovery in a resonable time frame. This brings a new level of resilience and reliability to the JPPF grid.

In-VM nodes

It is now possible to configure a node to run in the same JVM as a JPPF server, via a single on/off switch.

New Features

  • 3059420 - Take advantage of idle computers
  • 3044110 - Job scheduling enhancements
  • 3042238 - JMX-based remote loggers
  • 3042227 - Provide packaged sources for each module
  • 2981736 - Pluggable panels in the administration UI
  • 2977887 - Ability to run a node in the same JVM as the server

Bug Fixes

  • 3074513 - ClassCastException using JPPFClient(String) constructor
  • 3071454 - OOME: Direct buffer space, reading large data from a socket
  • 3071045 - Uncaught OOM in the driver while receiving tasks from a node
  • 3069849 - Driver hangs on disk overflow operation
  • 3066604 - Nodes shown in red in the console after driver restart

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