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Title: very basic question
Post by: sherry on March 19, 2021, 02:55:15 AM
Dear guys,

i am a little bit confused between different terminologies such as grid, parallel, distributed computing, cloud and other terminologies. What i am trying to reach is to increase my processing power using a very small testing and learning clusture that has 3 machines, 1 mac, 1 win and 1 linux. But the final program lets say is a black box exe file, i did not write it. I mean it is not written in small jobs concept. I want to get its output. This output needs some common resources and processing power on the different computers that are on the same subnet of the network. Is it possible to scale in future easily.

could you please guide me, tell me what i need? is it distributed or parallel and can i reach it with this program?

thank you