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Title: Support for smp processing? Via DataProvider?
Post by: bd on March 31, 2008, 06:13:17 PM
Does JPPF have a mechanism for forcing a set of tasks to run on the same node?  I.e. is there support for smp processing?

I didn't see anything like this in the documentation, but the DataProvider mechanism appears to partially address the issue I'm faced with.  I often have applications with data objects that consume most of a node's memory.  To fully utilize multicore nodes, I need to have several tasks sharing memory on the same node. I gather that DataProvider provides shared memory for multiple tasks, but doesn't appear to address the task location issue.

FYI I've never used JPPF (so excuse me if the answer to my question is obvious)..  I'm trying to determine if JPPF will meet my needs.  I'm currently using some parallelization code that I wrote myself, but the next time I increase scale it will be inadequate, so I'm looking for alternatives.