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June 04, 2023, 07:55:44 PM *
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Author Topic: Help us help you: a few troubleshooting guidelines  (Read 2475 times)


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Help us help you: a few troubleshooting guidelines
« on: June 17, 2013, 07:42:56 AM »

Hello dear JPPF users,

Troubleshooting is an importat part of the JPPF experience. We are doing our best to provide assistance and make this experience the best possible. You can help us do this by providing as many relevant details and information as possible. This will make the resolution both faster and easier for all of us. Please find below a number of general guidelines and tips that will make the process easier and happier. Do not hesitate to add your comments and feedback, and share your own hints and tips. We will add to it over time, in the hope that it will help us all resolve possible issues.

JPPF version

It is always useful to provide the version of JPPF that is used. This information can be easily found in two ways:

- in the log file of a JPPF client, driver or node, you will see at the start something similar to the following lines:
Code: [Select]
2013-06-11 07:49:41,951 [INFO ][org.jppf.utils.VersionUtils.logVersionInformation(88)]: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2013-06-11 07:49:41,951 [INFO ][org.jppf.utils.VersionUtils.logVersionInformation(89)]: JPPF version information: Version: 3.3.3, Build number: 1133, Build date: 2013-06-10 09:29 CEST
2013-06-11 07:49:41,951 [INFO ][org.jppf.utils.VersionUtils.logVersionInformation(90)]: starting driver with PID=2940, UUID=d1
2013-06-11 07:49:41,951 [INFO ][org.jppf.utils.VersionUtils.logVersionInformation(91)]: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- or, in any jppf-xxx.jar file, you will see the following in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file:
Code: [Select]
JPPF-Version: 3.3.3
JPPF-Build: 1133
JPPF-BuildDate: 2013-06-10 09:29 CEST


It always useful to provide information on the OS where the JPPF processes are running, along with the version of Java used to run them. Ideally we appreciate to have the output of the "java -version" command.

Additionally, the networking environment plays an important part in how well a JPPF grid will work. Please let us know when you use a firewall or when client, driver or nodes run in separate (sub)networks.

JPPF configuration files

These files will often help understand the context of an issue and eventually reproduce it. The configuration file for a JPPF client, driver or node is generally in the "config" folder just under the JPPF installation folder. These files are generally named "", "" and "". Please do not forget to obfuscate any confidential information (for instance IP addresses) that you do not wish to share, before posting your JPPF configuration.

JPPF log files

JPPF clients, servers and nodes produce log files, normally in the same directory as where they are run from. They are named "jppf-client.log", "jppf-driver.log" or "jppf-node.log" by default. These files are where error messages and exceptions will be printed in most cases. It is aways useful to provide theses files, or at least relevant extracts, in your posts.

Code samples

Whenever possible, it helps a great deal if you can provide a code sample that will allow us to reproduce a problem. In particular, the most useful are the code of the JPPF tasks you execute on the grid, as well as the code that you use to submit these tasks via the JPPF client APIs. The smaller the code sample that still reproduces the issue, the better. Here again, make sure you remove any confidential data or information that should not be shared publicly.

What is not working vs. expectations

It always helps to understand what you are trying to accomplish, along with what is not working according to your expectations, in as much detail as you can provide.
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Re: Help us help you: a few troubleshooting guidelines
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2013, 11:04:11 AM »

Thanks! I got it.
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