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August 10, 2022, 02:05:27 PM *
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Author Topic: Blocked JMXNodeConnectionWrapper.connectAndWait (JMXMP, rev 1735)  (Read 2951 times)


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When I try to establish JMXNodeConnection to unreachable node. DRIVER is behind firewall with allowed all necessary ports (JMX connection to driver is OK). NODE is on internal network and is not reachable from internet. It means that CLIENT can't connect to NODE JMX.

connectAndWait is blocked by JMXConnectionThread

Test was run on latest trunk - rev: 1735 with JMXMP. I think problem can be with different implementation of 'connect' in JMXMP and RMI.

2.5.1 with JMX - timeout works correctly. DRIVER & NODE are unreachable because of firewall. RMI needs access to forbidden ports.

Thread dump attached. Blocking is between.
'JMX connection' - is internal IP adress and is not reachable through internet and is not in same IP range as CLIENT (

Code: [Select]
                        JMXNodeConnectionWrapper node = new JMXNodeConnectionWrapper(managementInfo.getHost(), managementInfo.getPort());
                        node.connectAndWait(2000L);  // !!! HERE is blocked - waiting for ~186 seconds !!!

  1) regression when connecting to unreachable node JMX  - tested only with JMXMP
  2) CLIENT should connect to node always through DRIVER not directly as now for JMX
       - when you have 2 local networks with same IP range connected through internet and you have in  both networks JPPF node with same IP adress you always connect to local node on same network as CLIENT. - NOT TESTED



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Re: Blocked JMXNodeConnectionWrapper.connectAndWait (JMXMP, rev 1735)
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2011, 10:16:35 AM »

Hello Martin,

For 1) I have registered and fixed in the trunk a bug report: 3376570 - JMXConnectionWrapper.connectAndWait() not working with JMXMP

For 2) I have registered a feature request: 3376572 - Enable node management via the driver connection

Thank you for reporting this.

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