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October 03, 2022, 04:15:44 AM *
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Author Topic: execute a jython script  (Read 3507 times)


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execute a jython script
« on: July 12, 2011, 12:11:58 AM »

is there a way to execute a jython script in parallel with JPPF?
Can the scripting runner api be used for this purpose ans how?


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Re: execute a jython script
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2011, 10:50:07 AM »

Hello Kostas,

I was able to run a Jython script from a JPPF task, using the PythonInterpreter API.
Here is the example I used:

The JPPF task:

Code: [Select]
public class JythonTask extends JPPFTask {
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
  private String script = null;

  public JythonTask(String script) {
    this.script = script;

  public void run() {
    try {
      System.out.println("starting task");
      PythonInterpreter interp = new PythonInterpreter();
      PyObject result = interp.get("result");
      System.out.println("result: " + result);
    } catch (Exception e)  {

The code that runs the task on the grid:

Code: [Select]
public class JythonRunner {
  private static JPPFClient jppfClient = null;

  public static void main(String...args) {
    try {
      jppfClient = new JPPFClient();
      String script = FileUtils.readTextFile("");
      JPPFJob job = new JPPFJob();
      job.addTask(new JythonTask(script));
      List<JPPFTask> results = jppfClient.submit(job);
      JPPFTask task = results.get(0);
      if (task.getException() != null) throw task.getException();
      else System.out.println("task result : " + task.getResult());
    } catch(Exception e) {
    } finally {
      if (jppfClient != null) jppfClient.close();

and finally the Python script executed by the task:

Code: [Select]
Test script

from java.lang import *
from java.util import *

class Task(Runnable):
def run(self):
print 'Hello from a Jython task!'

task = Task()
result = 'completed successfully'

The only thing that was needed was to add the jython.jar to the JPPF client's classpath.

I also tried to run the task from a Jython script, by defining a Jython class that extends JPPFTask, but I am still facing class loading issues on the node side. I'll keep working on that.
I was hoping it would work as easily as for Groovy or Scala, but it looks like I'll have to dig deeper into this. As I'm completely new to Python/Jython, it may take some time ...



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Re: execute a jython script
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2011, 01:10:17 AM »

Thank you for your answer. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promisisng as a temporary solution. I have faced the same classloading problems, not only with JPPF but with other software libraries too. May be it has something to do with the itnerpreter.

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