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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-593  -  Various typos in the documentation
Posted Jun 29, 2019 - updated Jun 30, 2019
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Issue description
We need to fix a number of user-reported errors in the documentation:

- chapter 2.5.2, here under "Job SLA":
nuumber should be number

- chapter 3.4.2 Remove one "the" in the sentence:
In other words, the results are always in the same order as the tasks in the the job.

- chapter 4.1.12 There is a "r" missing in the word "interruptible" in the sentence:
Tasks that do not extend AbstractTask, such as Callable, Runnable, Pojo tasks or tasks annotated with @JPPFRunnable, will need to implement the Interruptibility interface to override the interuptible flag, as in this example:

- chapter 4.4, the yellow box, under Note 2
There is a space missing after the comma: from each task's perspective,the data provider

- chapter First sentence. eligble channels sould be eligible channels

- chapter Second word should be each, not aach

- chapter, the yellow box, Note 1:
usally should be usually

- chapter 4.9.1, third word:
heirarchy should be hierarchy

- chapter 4.11, yellow box:
hanldle should be handle

- chapter THe text block under the source:
overriden should be overridden

- chapter 4.12 delete one the" in the sentence:
extensions to the the job SLA specifying if and how the persistence of each job should be handled

- chapter 5.4.1, yellow box, note 2: explicitely should be explicitly

- chapter 5.4.5 ollload schould be offload, attahed should ne attached

- chapter exppressed should be expressed, expressd should be expressed
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Jun 30, 07:39
Fixed in master and 6.1 branches, offline and online versions

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