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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-145  -  Node execution manager does not clean up the data provider after job execution
Posted May 11, 2013 - updated Dec 27, 2014
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Issue description
After executing the tasks of a job, NodeExecutionManagerImpl does not clean up its dataProvider attribute, which then occupies memory for no reason, at least until the next job arrives.
Steps to reproduce this issue
  • Run the matrix multiplication sample, with a sufficiently large matrix (1000*1000 is ok) and a single node
  • Perform a GC on the node from the admin console
  • Take a heap dump of the node using the admin console
  • ==> the heap dump analysis with Eclipse MAT shows that almost all the memory is taken by a Matrix object, which is in fact sent to the node with the DataProvider

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May 11, 12:14
Fixed. Changes committed to SVN:

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