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7/27/2010 JPPF 2.2 release notes

What's new in JPPF 2.2

JVM Support

As of version 2.2, JPPF is dropping support for the JDK 1.5. Only JDK 1.6 and later are supported.

JPPF Executor Service

This new API provides an executor service facade for the JPPF client. It implements all the functionality specified in java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService

Administration console

  • A new status bar indicates the number of currently connected servers and nodes
  • The topology view includes two new buttons in the toolbar to select all servers or all nodes at once
  • Multiple bugs have been fixed, making the console mmore robust and reliable than ever


  • The J2EE connector now has the ability to connect to multiple servers and automatically discover servers on the network.
  • The Gigaspace connector was upgraded to support Gigaspaces XAP 7.1.1
  • The Tomcat connector was upgraded to support Tomcat 7.0.0 beta
All three connectors have seen their demo web application revamped for a more enjoyable experience


JPPF Jobs can now be set to expire at a specified date or after a specified amount of time.


The network data encryption sample was upgraded to offer a much more secure solution.

New Features

  • 3018899 - Upgrade to GigaSpaces XAP 7.1.1
  • 3018563 - Expiration date/time for jobs
  • 3016249 - Document usage of JPPF configuration APIs
  • 2994564 - Ability to select all nodes / all drivers in the console
  • 2990285 - J2EE connector: ability to connect to multiple JPPF servers
  • 2972415 - Provide an ExecutorService facade to the JPPF client

Bug Fixes

  • 3032447 - JMX connector binds RMI registry to the wrong host
  • 3030900 - Server fails to dispatch tasks to some nodes
  • 3017866 - When connected to multiple drivers, client only uses one
  • 3010245 - Typo and wrong comment in config of peer server discovery
  • 3006929 - Client connections are named improperly
  • 2993389 - Nodes are not removed from the console upon dying

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