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The JPPF team is announcing the availability of JPPF 2.0 for the end of summmer 2009.

This version will bring tremendous improvements of the framework in all its aspects.

Below you will find an overview of what JPPF 2.0 will bring:

  • Support for pluggable modules
    The new architecture will allow developers to provide their own extensions to the framework, without having to know the source code.
    For example: pluggable management and monitoring tools, load balancing algorithms, management automation at any level of granularity.
  • Access to node, server and client internal events
    Events will now be easily available and accessible, at any level of granularity, opening a new world of possibilities with JPPF: from real-time task-level monitoring to overall topology management.
  • Out of the box job-level monitoring and magement
    New graphical tools and APIs enable real-time monitoring and management of job-level processing: server-side status, processing distribution among the nodes, canceling, suspending, etc ...
  • Easier installlation with a new Java-based installer
  • Documentation repackaging
    We have listened to our users, and learned the lessons about the product documentation. We are committed to making the JPPF learning curve as short and painless as possible. The documentation will be completely remade to provide our users with the best possible experience using JPPF.
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